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April 26, 2020
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A Disney Fan's How to Train a Dragon Movie Review

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This is a How to Train a Dragon movie review that contains some spoilers. This movie definitely falls into traditional Disney movie from the weak little boy being the son of the great leader of the tribe, to the main character becoming the one that has to change the village, even to the main character liking the girl who he definitely is never supposed to have. His name is Hiccup, a perfectly fitting name since he, a skinny little nerd, is a mistake (or hiccup) in this overly muscular barbaric village.

With a sardonic attitude and a high IQ for creating useful weapons although lacking a desire to kill, he sets out determined to bring the heart of a dragon back to his father after snagging it. He nails the dragon, the very dangerous "Night Fury," with his invention. During the following day he sets the dragon free based off its innocence. He eventually learns that everything he has learned is wrong when he befriends the animal.

Mixed with the visual effects the comedy sits in nicely with the movie, although I won't give away the climax. Although I don't think it would have fit, there was no singing like in the regular 2D movies of the past. Disney blends comedy with some of the frightening scenes that leaves the kids laughing right after a scene that probably would have otherwise frightened them.This is a movie worth seeing in IMAX 3D.

The person that he has a crush on as well as the ending are really the only flaws in the movie. Truly you want the average Joe to get the beautiful girl that's out of his league, but without any indication that she even liked Hiccup she suddenly falls for him. His personality and credibility I guess he is supposed to be so moving that the audience is supposed to overlook that. And the ending is highly predictable, however it is slightly redeemable because of the small tweak, but I won't tell it.

Should you go see it? Yes, if you are a fan of Disney movies and want to see something definitely family oriented. Don't go see it if you are looking for something really funny or more violent. It really does stress the idea of looking before you leap, or better phrased learning before you kill.

On a scale of 5 this How to Train a Dragon movie review gives it a 4.


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