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September 18, 2020
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Make A Fun Child Knight Costume Quickly

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Kids love to play make believe and dress up in whatever character they are at that moment. Knights can be a favorite, battling the dragon with the sword and rescuing the village. And surprisingly, creating a child knight costume is easy to make. All you need is a bit of creativity and a few supplies you likely have around the home or can buy cheaply.

A basic pair of gray sweats is the best place to start. A gray sweatshirt is perfect, if you have one with a hood that will work great. A black sweat suit will also look good if you don't have gray. Any prints or designs on the tops shouldn't be a worry as you'll cover them up later.

Your child will need some armor and if you have some silver insulation in the garage, that would work perfectly. Since you will fold it in half over your child, you'll need to measure him for the right width and length. Once cut, cut a neck hole in the middle, big enough to slip the head through and tape down the front and back bottoms to make a point or rounded edge.

Cardboard works just as good for armor. You'll need to cut out two breastplates, make them identical in size and shape. Make sure you cut out a rounded neckline and some shoulder points. After, using some duct tape, tape the shoulder points together so that it will slip right over your kid's head. Once that is all done, just put some foil on the armor, taping it in the back; add a miniature shield to the front for his symbol too.

Use a paper paint bucket, plastic milk jug or if you have on hand a big paper popcorn bucket to make the hat. Be creative in cutting the opening for the face. You'll want to cover it in foil or paint it with some silver craft paint, maybe add some glitter to the paint.

Your child will not feel complete without his sword, so you'll need some cardboard for that also. Just cut out the shape of a sword, use black paint for the handle and silver for the blade, or you can cover the blade in foil if you like.

Some knights have capes, and kids love capes. You can pick up a cheap one anywhere or you can make your own from some lightweight material, even a colored sheet. If your child also wants a shield, just cut the shape from some cardboard and design and paint it however you like. When it is ready, cut two small slits in the center of the shield, then fit a piece of Velcro or other material through that can be used as a handle.

Now your child is all ready to attack that dragon or other knights on a night of trick-or-treating. Creating a child knight costume is easy and costs less than buying one in a store. Plus, your child's will be unique when you let him design his own shield and colors.


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